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Les stigmates de la société mondiale

metabluff: Chaque jours , des lois emergent a travers les continents pour freiner , interdire ou juguler les milliards d'individus qui s'activent sur les reseaux sociaux et dénoncent tout comportement frauduleux ou dérives .La vitesse de programmation des echanges d'informations a travers le monde stigmatisent ces fraudeurs et a permit de juger et emprisonner des milliers de corrompus. Le tiers monde a presque rendu impossible la divulgation des détournements et les mauvaises gestions ainsi des milliers d'Internautes sont en prison victimes de ses lois protectrices de leaders verreux
Africa: Should we mourn our dictators who are victims of their fate?

Africa victim of its citizens. The weakening of the powers
of dictators does not bring a solution but rather
the eternalization of social problems and the emergence
of political animosities and unemployment. Should we mourn
our dictators who are victims of their fate?


unlucky dictators
quote “Mimouni” founder Network ” Reseau Souss Anmougar”
usually little soldiers at the derisory rank of cook or sergeant sweeper, poisoned gifts
injected by the colon in the veins of independence. They quickly become generals or
marshals crumble under pounds of medals, take control over the country and its contents.
The country then becomes the low court of their children and descendants. Deposits,
mines, women and men become their assets. Some unfortunate people have been able
to pay with their lives for a terrible and savage death the errors and sufferings they
have imposed on their citizens, others in general escape justice and become emperors
of God on earth.

How a seeming cook could be injected after the settler in the system and maintain it to
monopolize the country and these citizens. The case of this kind of mercenaries erected as
an instant superior officer and forced to the leading sphere through his enthronement, this
kind has occurred in several African countries and in North Africa where sergeants are still at
the head of companies built for the benefit of their offspring


They went beyond the scales of power in a few days, eliminated intellectuals, politicians,
intelligent citizens and domesticated the people to serve as slaves.
All have dual nationality and are guaranteed to leave the country as easily if luck turns their
backs on them. Even today, in the 21st century, little has changed.
The Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea remain a cemetery for tens of thousands of
immigrants in search of bread and water, and during this time, leaders and their ministers
sheltered from all interpelations continue to impoverish the resources of the people. African
and African countries and exploit the population with the approval of foreign powers who
also benefit from this situation

br> Bokassa the little sergeant of the colonial army made emperor
Amine Dada ex apprentice cook become emperor by colon grace
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