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Les stigmates de la société mondiale

metabluff: Chaque jours , des lois emergent a travers les continents pour freiner , interdire ou juguler les milliards d'individus qui s'activent sur les reseaux sociaux et dénoncent tout comportement frauduleux ou dérives .La vitesse de programmation des echanges d'informations a travers le monde stigmatisent ces fraudeurs et a permit de juger et emprisonner des milliers de corrompus. Le tiers monde a presque rendu impossible la divulgation des détournements et les mauvaises gestions ainsi des milliers d'Internautes sont en prison victimes de ses lois protectrices de leaders verreux
Congratulations and hymn to the earth

Mother earth how many insects you produce to feed birds, how many drops of water to keep vegetation and vegetables alive, how many animals to feed 7 billion humans who swallow everything and ignore your efforts to keep alive the forest that supplies them with oxygen and the oceans that make their fortune. Mother earth you are the victim of your offspring.


The paradox: wealth in disaster
How else to understand these poor or emerging countries which buy military planes and arms out of billions of billions when the price of a single plane could accommodate and support a thousand citizens. Industrial countries must refuse the sale of arms to poor countries and thus participate in reducing the suffering of peoples.

Why criminalize human trafficking?
How many rights are recognized but remain floating, when the worker earns in 10 years the monthly salary of an executive or minister, isn’t that human trafficking? when minor children are chained in prison, and women who sell themselves in windows or in avenues, isn’t that human trafficking? Pity for Our God who never ceases to bear witness to your blatant lies.

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