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Les stigmates de la société mondiale

metabluff: Chaque jours , des lois emergent a travers les continents pour freiner , interdire ou juguler les milliards d'individus qui s'activent sur les reseaux sociaux et dénoncent tout comportement frauduleux ou dérives .La vitesse de programmation des echanges d'informations a travers le monde stigmatisent ces fraudeurs et a permit de juger et emprisonner des milliers de corrompus. Le tiers monde a presque rendu impossible la divulgation des détournements et les mauvaises gestions ainsi des milliers d'Internautes sont en prison victimes de ses lois protectrices de leaders verreux
Russa make the world vibrating

The giant nation make the world vibrates at the Russian frequency

Russia or Russian Federation(Rossiyskaya Federatsiya)
In 1991, the USSR broke up into fifteen independent sovereign
states, including Russia, which inherited three-quarters
of the territory of the former Soviet superpower
It is a transcontinental state, the largest country on the planet.
Population; 146 Millions
Area: 17 million square km 511 time zones
The Russian territory extends from Kaliningrad to
Vladivostok, more than 9000 km
Capital: Moscoulangue: The Russian
The currency: The ruble

It is one of the world’s leading exporters
coal, iron, nickel, diamond, oil, natural gas, hydropower
Russia is leader in the conquest of space and the sectors of
industry related to arms, nuclear and aerospace are highly developed

Armed forces: about 760,000 active soldiers


Special troops:
Strategic missile troops, about 18,000 men.
Airborne troops 35,000 troops stationed abroad and on border surveillance
30,000 men, engineers, researchers and scientists working
for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Russian President Mr poutine

Russian flag:


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