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Les stigmates de la société mondiale

metabluff: Chaque jours , des lois emergent a travers les continents pour freiner , interdire ou juguler les milliards d'individus qui s'activent sur les reseaux sociaux et dénoncent tout comportement frauduleux ou dérives .La vitesse de programmation des echanges d'informations a travers le monde stigmatisent ces fraudeurs et a permit de juger et emprisonner des milliers de corrompus. Le tiers monde a presque rendu impossible la divulgation des détournements et les mauvaises gestions ainsi des milliers d'Internautes sont en prison victimes de ses lois protectrices de leaders verreux
Coronavirus genesis: the monster evolves and becomes natural

Coronavirus genesis: the monster evolves and becomes natural

Onset: The first cases were first reported in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019
statistics Nov 2021:
Over 5 million deaths worldwide (WHO estimates over 10 million)
244,000,000 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed
Around ten vaccines are administered around the world
The miracle pill is coming soon, America is on the market signed by Merck
Research: More than 100 research is currently underway around the world. Eight of them have already reached the stage of human trials

The Best Corona Medication Today: Protection
-Keep a safe distance from everyone
-Wear a mask in public areas
-Wash your hands frequently.
-Get vaccinated
Our world seems to dominate its planet and its environment, pillaging inventions and ever-dazzling discoveries and yet we are extremely vulnerable.
and our scientific institutions have totally failed in the face of the Corona pandemic. Coronavirus
keep getting acquainted with our species and continue to produce optimizable comabtive aliens so as to cause more carnage.
We created the life-saving vaccine but immediately appeared obsolete, followed by others, then we imposed restrictions, confinements to leave it empty and the urban space to itself, then, we double the dose, without real effectiveness. Today we are talking about serial and continuous doses. Billions that cross borders and end up in the coffers of governments producing vaccine despite its limited effect. The price war is installed, the black market too, the rich nations seize the stocks depriving the poor countries of being covered by the vaccine.
Prices that vibrate according to buyers and intermediaries. Today we are sure that our engineers and geniuses, sxavants and researchers excel and succeed only in the manufacture of weapons of destruction and war, espionage and diversion.
here is the average price of vaccines disclosed (without official announcements)

Jansen Johnson and Johnson
united states belgium
efficiency 66 ° / ° standard and 85 ° / ° against severe forms
single dose
viral vector action
conservation 2 to 8 degrees
price around 7 Euros Pfizer BioNTech
united states germany
record manufacturing in just 10 months
Two injections 3 weeks apart
efficiency 95 ° / °
conservation -80 degrees currently 6é5 to -15 degrees
mode of action Messenger RNA (the body produces its defensive molecules)
price around 12 Euros


United States
efficiency 94 ° / °
Two separate doses of 28 days
storage -15 to -25 degrees and (between 2 and 8 degrees after defrosting)
messenger RNA action
Price around 15 Euros

Astra Zeneka Oxford
England and Sweden India
viral vector action
efficiency 70 ° / °
double doses
conservation 2 to 8 degrees
price around 1.70 Euros

Sanofi Pastor Gsk
price around 7.5 Euros
late expected end of 2021
Sputnik V
double doses
efficiency 90 ° / °
conservation 2 to 8 ° degrees
price around 8 Euros

Sinovac and Sinopharm
efficiency depending on the case: 50, 74 and 90 ° / ° percent)
Two doses 28 days apart
storage 2 to 8 ° degrees
action pushes the body to self-defense
price around 15 Euros per dose (source media24 maroc)
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